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Park Amsterdam

Title: Park Amsterdam
Characters: Donghae, Eunhyuk
Ratings: G
Genre: AU, General, Friendship
Word Count: 877
Disclaimer: Not mine, never happen
And if somebody point it out, the fact that you can't sing, wouldn't mean a thing
A/N: Inspired by the short version of Maaya Sakamoto's Park Amsterdam. Lovely song.


It was that time of the day again; Donghae didn’t need a watch to know. He rushed from his spot to the bench and settled there. He waited.


“Hi, there! Is that you again?”


The man with the fiery red hair and gummy smile. He watched him quietly, head tilted sideway in curiosity while the man plopped down on the bench. The man rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and flipped his tie to his back.


“Hey,” the man called him, “What are you doing sitting there so far? Come closer.” The red haired stroked his back and nudged him closer to him. “Now, that’s better.” And there his gummy smile again.


“Ah.” The man took out his lunch from a brown bag. “PB&J again,” said the man with a sigh. “Maybe my mom is right, you know. I should find a girl who can cook for me, take care of me.” He shook his head. “But then again, when does she ever wrong.” The red haired office worker laughed.


Donghae gave him his melodious laugh in return.


“You want some?” the man tore a piece of his sandwich and offered it to him. His gummy smile formed again as he watched Donghae ate it up. “Yeah. I know you’re going to like it.”


Donghae didn’t remember about days. But he knew it was the first day when the first leaf fell, and he probably should already moved out by now, but the man was caught his eyes like no other. Maybe it was his red hair that clashing with his formal office attire—although Donghae didn’t actually understand about office or formal attire. Maybe it was his gummy smile that he saw when the man was smiling at the little girl who leaned how to ride a bike at the park. He wasn’t sure why, but then again Donghae was never one who overanalyzed anything. Everything was more based on instinct for him. The only thing that was sure was he was sauntering down closer from where he previously sitting, studying him from a distant curiously. But then ended up sitting on the same bench anyway.


The man was different. He didn’t shoo him away like most people. Instead, he beckoned him closer. The red haired man didn’t afraid to talk to him, although the passersby were side-eying him. He told him about his work that that involved numbers—Donghae only half listening the man because it sounded boring and the lady over there wore a very shiny necklace. He talked about his fail Friday nights at the club with his friend Siwon who, although resented the party life, always ended up with most of the girls anyway. He talked about his mom who lived in another country across the ocean—Donghae only knew it was across the ocean because the man pointed it to him the other day when they pass a world map at the park.


They met everyday, except for two days. But Donghae didn’t remember about days, so he still waited at the bench and got shooed away by other people. On the days that they met though, Donghae would sing his songs to the man who tried to sing along with him—but the man thought his voice was terrible so he just listened most of the time. He wasn’t sure the man understood his songs, but then again, sometimes Donghae also didn’t understand what the man was talking about.


“Ready for a walk?” the man asked him.


Donghae looked up from his piece of sandwich the man previously gave him. He hadn’t finished it even though the red haired already done with his big piece. But he jumped up anyway, latched himself on the man’s shoulder.


They stood up and Donghae sang for him. Donghae didn’t always know where the man took him. He should though, since the park was practically Donghae’s home. But everything looked so different when he was with the man. When he was roaming the park alone, he was always too high or too low. And he never truly enjoyed the park. He was always busy searching instead.


“So, we’re here.”


Then, there was this thing. He never told the man where exactly his house was, but he knew anyway. And he stopped next to his house everyday, so he could send Donghae home.


Donghae latched himself tighter on the man’s shoulder. He still had songs to sing and the man hadn’t told him about the dancing class he took that last weekend.


“Hey, I have to go back to the office, you know.” The man stroked Donghae’s head as if sensing his reluctance.


Donghae wanted to at least ask the man to come up and maybe show him his precious jewelry collection. But he knew how men were. They were clumsy. And he didn’t want the man to fall when he tried to come up.


“Same time again tomorrow?”


Donghae nodded. The red haired man shrugged his shoulder lightly and urged Donghae to go home. Donghae reluctantly went up but looked down at the man immediately once he reached his home.


The man waved at him.


“See you tomorrow, little bird.”


He smiled his gummy smile when the little bird chirping back at him.

Tags: author: p, fanworks: fanfiction, genre: au, genre: friendship, genre: general, rating: g
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